Using Geometric Location Methods to Unite Mobile Users

Since the introduction of iPhone in 2007, many location-based services (LBSs) have been created and new LBSs are found every day. This research proposes yet another LBS, which is practical and was not found before to the best of authors’ knowledge. The problem is described as follows. It happens all the times while several groups of people are traveling towards a destination, they lose contact from each other on the way. This research tries to have the groups travel as closely as possible until they reach the destination. It uses a method of minimum covering ellipses to find whether the groups are separated by more than a threshold/distance. If they are, the system will find a convenient rendezvous for all groups by using a method of geometric median. After meeting at the rendezvous, the groups reset the service and continue their journey. By using this LBS, travelers do not need to worry about losing connections with others. This method can also be applied to the problem of finding a convenient meeting place for mobile users.

Location-Based Services (LBSs), Mobile/Handheld Computing, Geometric Location Methods, Minimum Covering Ellipses, Geometric Median.